Transformation Drives the Development of Shaanxi Auto's 96,500 Swords in 2014

On December 18, 2013, SAIC Heavy Truck 2014 Business Annual Meeting was held with the theme of “transformation-driven, goal-oriented, value-based marketing, and win-win future”. The conference fully unveiled Shaanxi Auto's 2014 full-series national quadruple-duty card and launched the 360-degree full-experience event at Shaanxi Auto. Nearly 1600 people from the regional offices of the marketing system and all distributors participated in the conference, which provided advice on sales of 96,500 vehicles for civilian products in 2014.

Comprehensive transformation drives enterprise development

In the first 11 months of 2013, Shaanxi Automobile achieved a total sales volume of 87,000 heavy trucks, and sales of civilian products reached 75,000 units; of which, sales of natural gas heavy truck products surpassed 11,000, making it a leader in the industry; and setting a civilian product for the heavy truck market in Shaanxi in 2014 The goal of selling 96,500 vehicles.

At the meeting, Fang Hongwei, chairman of Shaanxi Auto Holdings, released the keynote speech entitled “Transformation-Driven Development, Innovation and Achievement Dreams” to comprehensively explain the thinking on the development of Shaanxi Automobile's entire industrial chain based on the status quo and the future. The transformation from manufacturing to creation, focusing on business model innovation, and the expectation of “transforming, transforming, and transforming quickly” will encourage the achievement of the “100 billion Shaanxi Auto” target in 2017.

Shaanxi Auto also put forward a brand-new marketing model based on the concept of “product + value-added service” as its core value concept, “product life cycle”, “customer management whole process” and “one-stop integrated solution”. At the same time, around the financial, supply chain, life-long maintenance, spare parts and other post-market areas, to provide customers with more comprehensive, efficient and accurate value services.

In 2014, Tianxingjian will also upgrade to the 2.0 system to achieve two-way upgrade of hardware and software, complete the mission of "the industry's outstanding truck vehicle networking technology - integrated solution provider of data application services", and realize the system of logistics transportation management customization service. Integrators and government road safety supervision service platforms are fully integrated.

Reshaping business model to open "360 ° full experience line"

Based on past experience, Shaanxi Auto will cooperate with industry chain resources in 2014 to build a brand-new value experience platform to achieve seamless links between products, services and users, allowing users to maximize the proximity of Shaanxi Auto's products. In the activity segment, Fang Hongwei, chairman of Shaanxi Auto Holdings, and Zhang Lizhong, vice president of CNPC Ningxia Branch, jointly launched the 360-degree full-experience line launching ceremony. This not only opened the prelude to the 2014 season-wide promotion of Shaanxi Heavy Truck Heavy Duty Trucks, but also opened a new brand of heavy trucks in China. A new chapter in experiential marketing.

The full-scale launch of the 360-degree all-in-one experience campaign with the 2014 full-series and category-based national quadruple card driven by customer value, and the strategic upgrade of value marketing targeting 100 billion Shaanxi Auto. To become the main theme that will lead the future development of China's heavy trucks.

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