How does LED start a good start across the bottleneck?

Page 1: LED smart lighting market development status Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the "Semiconductor Lighting Energy Conservation Industry Plan", which will gradually regulate the competition order of the LED lighting market, and the proposed goals are more practical and feasible. The lighting industry is expected to enter a more healthy and orderly development stage. Li Peng, an analyst at BOC International, pointed out that China's LED lighting industry faces challenges such as the relatively small scale of enterprises, low industrial concentration, breakthroughs in core patents, and disorderly market competition. In 2013, the integration and elimination process will continue in the past. Some enterprises with weak competitiveness will be phased out, and advantageous enterprises are expected to use policies to promote bigger and stronger.
The data shows that the output value of LED packaging used in the lighting market in 2012 was about $2.66 billion, which was 23.5 times higher than that in 2011. Among them, LED packaging is the most widely used for architectural landscape lighting or indoor lighting such as projection lamps and light bulbs. However, in the Case of falling LED packaging prices, the demand for lighting markets in various countries has gradually been gradually introduced due to the introduction and price incentives. Today, China has a huge lighting market scale and a strong lighting industry base, which has created a huge market development prospect for the development of China's LED lighting industry. With the continuous maturity of semiconductor lighting technology, the improvement of LED lighting performance and the reduction of cost, the prospect of China's LED lighting market will gradually emerge.
LED intelligent lighting market development status For intelligent lighting, perhaps some people are relatively new to it. Intelligent lighting refers to the use of computer, wireless communication data transmission, spread spectrum power carrier communication technology, computer intelligent information processing and energy-saving electrical control technology to form a distributed wireless telemetry, remote control, remote control system to achieve lighting equipment Intelligent control. It has the functions of intensity adjustment, light soft start, timing control, scene setting, etc., and achieves safety, energy saving, comfort and high efficiency.
Moreover, the domestic manufacturers engaged in the smart home industry are mixed, the quality of the products is uneven, and the quality of the products is uneven, which affects the trust of consumers in smart home products. The reason for the uneven lighting products is that the industry has no standards, and the country has not issued standards. The market is very confusing because consumers are unable to refer to it. In addition, the level of after-sales service in the intelligent lighting industry is relatively low, the intelligent lighting system is relatively complicated, the correlation between the systems is relatively large, and the probability of problems is relatively high. At this time, if the after-sales service cannot be in place, the customer will be seriously affected. Satisfaction with smart lighting products.
The "Planning" release promotes the orderly development of the LED industry. Compared with the "12th Five-Year Special Project on Semiconductor Lighting Technology Development" issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2012, the scale of the industry proposed by the "Plan" is reduced from 500 billion yuan to 450 billion yuan. The number of leading companies has also decreased from 10 to 30 in the previous period to 10 to 15.
The "Planning" has integrated various opinions and revised some of the previous indicators. The proposed development goals are feasible.
The release of the "Planning" also strengthened the confidence of the LED lighting industry, which was once affected by the collapse of enterprises. Zhang Xu, an analyst at Shanxi Securities, said that “Planning” may become the starting point of policy for LED lighting promotion. Under the promotion of the policies of the central ministries, local development plans are expected to be introduced one after another.
In addition, the "Planning" also proposed to implement the import tax incentives for key components and raw materials of LED lighting production equipment, and gradually expand the promotion of financial subsidies, and timely incorporate the bulb lighting products with large quantities and mature technology into subsidies. range.
Zhang Xu said that the tax preferential policy will bring substantial benefits to the upstream of LED lighting, and the continued expansion of the scope of financial subsidies will effectively drive the downstream consumer market and promote the LED lighting market.
Page 2: Future smart lighting development prospects How to develop smart lighting future prospects 1. Brand integration will be the development trend of smart lighting Brand integration will be the development trend of smart lighting. The biggest advantage of concentrating different brands of products on one platform is that you can concentrate the best products of each brand into one project, thus improving the intelligence of the home. In fact, there are many kinds of lighting products on the market. It is unrealistic to require all the equipments to be the same manufacturer's products, or one system can only use all the products of the same manufacturer. Moreover, customers lack autonomy in performance and price or accept it all, or they can only give up. The unified control platform can balance the interests of all parties, customers can choose any product, as long as it meets the requirements in terms of performance, so that customers will have a great initiative on the budget.
2. Towards a people-oriented scientific lighting Intelligent lighting will shift from purely intelligent functions to intelligent lighting that pays more attention to human behavior. Based on human behavior, visual effects, and visual physiology and psychology research, we will develop more intelligent, human-oriented, efficient, comfortable, and healthy intelligent lighting.
3, to meet the personalized, hierarchical combination of lighting intelligent technology and lighting to make lighting to further meet the lighting needs of different individuals, different levels of the group, is to make the lighting from the needs of the general people to the full individual, individual needs are essential Technical means. This should also be the development direction of intelligent lighting.
4. The combination of intelligent technology and new light source and new lighting technology, creating a new combination of lighting culture intelligent technology and electronic lighting ballast and other new lighting sources and lighting technology, will build a new lighting technology platform, its application field from smart home Illumination to intelligent urban lighting has unlimited prospects and is creating a new high-tech and high-scientific lighting culture.
Industry has long-term disadvantages, good start, how to cross the bottleneck, senior researcher of China Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. He Zaihua said that independent research and development of technology is a long-term disadvantage of China's industry. The key equipment and important materials in the production of LED lighting products need long-term investment, including talent cultivation. Research and development funds, etc. For some upstream segments of the LED lighting industry chain including epitaxial wafer technology, chip technology and raw materials, our country is still in a weak position.
Because LED lighting technology is emerging abroad. They almost registered the technical routes and patents that they could think of. We want to get around them, it's not impossible, but the difficulty is really big. This is the main bottleneck in the development of LED lighting in China. The expert said.
For this issue, the "Planning" also paid attention to it, proposed to improve the organization of major projects, improve the efficiency of the research, and encourage the establishment of a joint innovation model of industry, academia and research with professional and technical institutions and enterprises as the main body. Previously, the state has also established a national key laboratory for joint innovation in semiconductor lighting. This means that the core technology of LED lighting can break through the past rules and regulations, and focus on the joint research of outstanding talents across the country to compete with foreign LED lighting companies.
In addition, due to issues such as technology maturity and price, LED lighting will face many challenges in terms of popularity. In this regard, the industry should be gradual, and those areas that can take advantage of LED lighting should be promoted, and those areas that are not yet mature should be slowed down.

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