An Interview with Sun Ying, General Manager of Ying Shi Zhong Sheng Shi Hao Store

An Interview with Sun Ying, General Manager of Ying Shi Zhong Sheng Shi Hao Store Yingkou Zhongshi Automobile Sales & Service Co., Ltd. is building a 4S shop strictly in accordance with Jaguar Land Rover’s global standard, filling the gap in Yingkou’s long history of not having a regular Jaguar or Land Rover 4S shop. This time, Yiyun Network made an in-depth interview with Yingying Sun Ying, general manager of Yingshi Jaguar Land Rover 4S store in Yingkou.

Reporter: As a dealer of Jaguar Land Rover, what is the brand positioning of Jaguar and Land Rover in your eyes?

General Sun: Jaguar Land Rover, as a world-renowned top-level car brand and off-road brand, has become a leading standard of every era with pure British bloodlines, luxurious fashion qualities, superb craftsmanship and innovative technology research and development. Jaguar’s history goes back to ancient times. It can be traced back to 1922 when Sir William Lyons created the first motorcycle sidecar. This world’s top luxury brand continues to bring a world-leading luxury experience to the world of luxury cars. It is a legendary story that has been praised by the world for a long time; Land Rover has consistently focused on and explored since 1947, and for 65 years, it has created an extraordinary luxury SUV legend for each era, which has opened up the road for people and created a more peaceful way of life. People's courage, confidence, and courage to embrace life.

Reporter: Compared with first-tier cities, what are the advantages and disadvantages of luxury brands such as Yingkou, a third-tier city?

Mr. Sun: Zhongsheng Group Holdings Limited (“Zhongsheng Group”) was established in 1998. It is a large group enterprise of Chinese automobile dealers that integrates sales and service of several well-known automobile brands at home and abroad. In such third-tier cities, compared with first-tier cities, there are not many luxury brand dealers, and they have not reached a saturated state. There is still much room for development. This is the advantage of comparing first-tier cities. Inadequacies, because the positioning of Jaguar Land Rover is very high-end, and Yingkou's market demand is certainly not comparable to the first-tier cities. From this perspective, we have introduced a corresponding 0 interest mortgage policy, so we have Hao is full of confidence.

Reporter: In the past two years, there have been luxury brands in Yingkou. As a dealer who has only opened for more than a year, what measures will be taken to cope with the pressure from competitors?

Sun Zong: With the eternal goal of pursuing excellence and repaying the society, we are committed to building excellent car dealerships and service brands, fostering the enterprise spirit of “diligent, strict, hardworking and efficient” and “people-oriented, customer first, honesty and trustworthiness” , Sincere and enterprise-" business philosophy. The overall design of the 4S store will incorporate Land Rover brand values ​​of “pure, bold, expedition, and extraordinary” throughout every detail, enabling high-end Jaguar Land Rover customers in Yingkou area to experience the purest and truest charm of the world’s top luxury brands. We have our own business philosophy, enterprise spirit and service concept, which will surely raise the professional quality of sales and service personnel to a new height, bring more perfect brand feelings to the consumers, and demonstrate Jaguar's “unreplicable vitality”.

Reporter: How did we go through the customer care service? Compared with other 4S stores in Yingkou, what are the highlights of our after-sales service system?

General Sun: In terms of services, other luxury brands are doing very well and will follow the requirements of their respective manufacturers. We are also the same. As a high-end car brand, Jaguar Land Rover has a more complex audience in the Chinese market and higher customer demand. Therefore, Yingshihao in Yingkou will rely on the outstanding performance, leading technology, brand image, and professional new services of Jaguar Land Rover products. Our philosophy is to provide top-notch products and convenient, fast and professional luxury brand experience and enthusiasm services. I believe customers will be impressed by our professional and caring service.

Reporter: In the past two years, the online media has developed rapidly in Yingkou. Please ask Sun to talk about online media.

Sun Zong: Nowadays, online media has become better and better. No matter in which industry or region, the network is an emerging media that cannot be ignored. As a car dealer, we will also present our services and quality assurance through the Internet. At the same time, we also hope that users will supervise us and put forward valuable opinions and suggestions.

Many thanks to Sun for accepting our exclusive interview. Through this exclusive interview, I believe that the majority of users have a closer understanding of the Yingshihao Land Rover Jaguar 4S store in Yingkou. Blessings in the Shihao!

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