LED price "not close to the people" market is not flat

The giant electronic screen at the concert allowed countless fans to enjoy the visual feast. The unpredictable stage lighting in the large party was even more beautiful. The photoelectric effect of the colorful light was gathered by numerous star-like LED lights. The data shows that in 2012, the sales volume of China's LED lamp market reached 10 billion yuan, an increase of 92% compared with 5.2 billion yuan in 2011. Last year, the demand for LED lamp market continued to be strong, and LED lighting products will usher in a vast blue ocean. But can LED lights enter thousands of households like fluorescent energy-saving lamps? The reporter's investigation found that LED lights that are far superior to ordinary energy-saving lamps in terms of energy saving, environmental protection and service life, did not really open the civilian market because the price was too high. The widespread popularity of LED lights also requires a series of challenges.
LED prices are not in the people's market, the market is blocked:
The amount of luminescence and life are 1.5 times and 10 times that of fluorescent lamps, respectively. The same power consumption, the total amount of LED lighting is 10 times that of incandescent lamps, 1.5 times that of fluorescent lamps. With the continuous improvement of technology, there is still much room for growth in LED luminous efficiency. The life of LED lighting is 10 times that of fluorescent lamps and 100 times that of incandescent lamps. Expert introduction.
The biggest advantage of LED household energy-saving lamps is energy saving and environmental protection. A 3W LED lamp consumes only a few kWh in 1000 hours, while an ordinary 60W incandescent lamp consumes 1 kWh in 17 hours, and an ordinary 10W energy-saving lamp consumes 1 kWh in 100 hours. The ordinary energy-saving lamp is made of glass, and a bulb contains about 3~ 5 milligrams of mercury, once broken, can contaminate about 1000 tons of water, 300 cubic meters of air, and LED lights are all solid light emitters, impact resistance is not easy to break, is conducive to recycling, and does not produce light pollution and heat radiation, and no ultraviolet radiation.
Longevity is another advantage of LED lights. Compared with ordinary energy-saving lamps, the average service life is about 3,000 hours, and LED household energy-saving lamps have a service life of 50,000 hours. In addition, the LED lamp does not have a stroboscopic effect, which eliminates the harm of vision loss and visual fatigue caused by the stroboscopic light of the conventional light source.
status quo:
The popularity is not high and the price is high. Although the new LEDs that are new to the market are not obvious, they do not fully enter the civilian market.
If you don't ask me, I don't know if there are LED home energy-saving lamps. I always thought that LED lights would only be used on large screens. In the Carrefour supermarket in Changsha, Mr. Li observed the lamp shelf for a while, and finally chose a 5W, fluorescent energy-saving lamp with a value of 19 yuan. Subsequently, the reporter interviewed more than a dozen citizens, and they also said that they did not know that there are LED household energy-saving lamps.
In a building materials store in Changsha High-tech Zone, when asked about LED home energy-saving lamps, the salesperson said: We have fluorescent energy-saving lamps here, 12W each 8 yuan, but I don't know what LED home energy-saving lamps are. Coincidentally, in the new supermarket in Changsha Hexi, various fluorescent energy-saving lamps are covered with shelves, while LED household energy-saving lamps are few. It can be seen that LED lighting has not fully entered the market, mainly used in shopping malls, hotels, venues and other places.
The low market visibility is not the only reason that hinders the entry of LED lights into the civilian market. After carefully comparing the two lamps, Mr. Li said that the price of LED household energy-saving lamps is three times higher than ordinary energy-saving lamps, and no one can guarantee the service life of up to 50,000 hours. If you want to buy lights, it is more common. Energy saving lamp.
the reason:
The lack of core patents keeps the cost high. LED lighting entering the ordinary family should be the general trend, but it still takes time, the key issue is that the price is still relatively high. So why is the price of LED lamps high?
Liao Xu, chairman of Hunan Tianci Sunshine Solar Co., Ltd., believes that the lack of core patents is the main reason for the high cost of LED lamps. According to relevant information, although the number of LED patent applications in mainland China has increased significantly, even surpassing the United States ranks second in the world, the lack of core patents has become a major bottleneck restricting the development of the semiconductor lighting industry.
If an LED bulb wants to be used normally for a long time, the cost of a 1W material needs to be more than 9 yuan, and the cost of a 3W bulb material is not less than 20 yuan. Liao Xu believes that the quality of products in the domestic LED lighting market is uneven, and the prices are also very different. In order to break into the civilian market, many companies have begun to fight price wars. Many large companies have also been forced to drive down prices. This kind of behavior that sacrifices quality in order to outperform competitors in price makes LED lighting products unable to win trust. It is difficult for the average user to distinguish the quality of the product. Professional instruments are needed for testing. Some low-end products have glare and glare. According to Jiuzheng Building Materials Network, the price of brand LED household energy-saving lamps on the market is generally around 60 yuan per person, which makes many consumers discouraged. According to industry insiders, the current price of LED components is still relatively high, which has an impact on the popularity and acceptance of LEDs in the entire lighting market.
Market observation LED industry standards are in urgent need of the introduction of this market. At present, there is no unified standard in our country. Liao Xu introduced that the problem of the lack of LED industry standards in China has been long-standing, so the imperfect market situation has brought great inconvenience to users to purchase products. As a new industry in the new era, LED lighting must ensure the quality of products. In order to open the market.
As far as the LED industry chain is concerned, the recognition of the downstream market is the most critical. In addition to the promotion and cost of LEDs, consumers are most worried about whether the product quality is excellent. In this case, we should establish a good after-sales service system and build a brand with good reputation. Lamps and lamp beads can basically be used for 50,000 hours. When we operate in the form of contract energy management, we must guarantee the quality of life of the products. The person in charge of Chang’s surname of Hunan Guxun Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. stated that this kind of investment and maintenance responsible for the whole project can extract the profit in the way of energy saving, which can guarantee the product quality well, but it is more suitable for engineering projects. It is more difficult to achieve design and customization. According to industry insiders, semiconductor lighting must do a good job in building a market service system. It is necessary to establish a brand and protect the interests of consumers, so that ordinary people can use it with confidence.

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