Explosion-proof motor classification which

Explosion-proof motor classification:

1. According to the principle of motor can be divided into explosion-proof asynchronous motor, explosion-proof synchronous motor and explosion-proof DC motor.

2. Divided by the use of places can be divided into coal mine explosion-proof motor and factory explosion-proof motor.

3. Explosion-proof principle can be divided into flameproof motor, increased safety motor, positive pressure motor, spark-free motor and dust explosion-proof motor.

4. According to the supporting host points can be divided into coal mine transport aircraft explosion-proof motor, coal mine winch with explosion-proof motor, mounted rock machine explosion-proof motor, coal mine fan fan explosion-proof motor, valve explosion-proof motor, fan explosion-proof motor, marine explosion-proof motor Heavy Metallurgical Explosion-proof motor and hydrogenation unit with an increased safety brushless excitation synchronous motor.

In addition, you can press the rated voltage, efficiency and other technical indicators to points, such as high-voltage explosion-proof motor, explosion-proof high efficiency motors, high slip explosion-proof motor and high starting torque explosion-proof motor.

Benchtop Copper Stripping Machine

coaxial cable tools

Places that buy scrap metal will not buy wire if the insulation is still attached.

This is because they want to melt it down right away so it can be quickly sold.

The insulation gets in the way of this process and cannot be melted down along with the wire.

An automatic Scrap Wire Stripper can help you strip the insulation from the wire very quickly and easily.

Benchtop Copper Stripping Machine

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