12 Old Dongfeng Royal Wind Ambulances Received in Hubei Revolutionary Old District

On November 5th, the Hubei Provincial Party Committee United Front Work Department, the CPC Huanggang Municipal Committee, and the Huanggang City People's Government held a grand ceremony of "Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan overseas business people who donated to the old business district (Huanggang District) (Huanggang)" in Yingshan County, Huanggang City. 12 sets of Dongfeng Yufeng The ambulance was successfully delivered to the people of the old revolutionary district in Huanggang.

Deputy Minister of the United Front of the CPC Hubei Provincial Committee of the United Front Work Department Sheng Guoyu, Deputy Minister Cai Zaixian, Deputy Inspector Liu Aiden, Mayor of Huanggang Chen Anli, Member of the Standing Committee of the Communist Party of Huanggang Municipal Committee, Propaganda Department, United Front Work Department Director Wang Libing, County Leader Chen Wubin, Tian Hongguang, Yang Yanhong, Hu Baiqi, Gao Yiyong, Lu Feng, Wu Siwei, Chairman of the Shenzhen Baobao Group, Chairman of the Hong Kong Hubei Association, Liang Liangsheng, and Xu Lizhong, Chairman of the Hong Kong China Minsheng International Investment Group Co., Ltd. More than 50 Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Overseas Businessmen and Representatives from Chuzhou Attended the event.

The 12 Dongfeng Yufeng ambulances donated by the Chinese Overseas Federation donated funds. The CPC Central Committee of the Hubei Provincial Party Committee United Front Work Department unified procurement, and it is full of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan overseas business people's sincere concern for the old revolutionary base areas and hopes to improve the old revolutionary base areas. The medical emergency conditions in Yingshan County effectively brought the Gospel to the people in the old revolutionary base areas.

This donation activity is an important part of the "Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan overseas business community Hubei old district line", widely concerned by the overseas compatriots and the community in Hubei Province's attention and expectations. The provincial government of Hubei highly valued and put forward very stringent requirements on the quality of vehicles. In the end, Dongfeng Yufeng won the unanimous approval of the review team for its excellent vehicle quality, excellent after-sales service, and good reputation established in Hubei government and enterprise units. According to the relevant person in charge of procurement of the Provincial Party Committee's United Front Work Department, Dongfeng Motor has many technological advantages in the field of light commercial vehicle manufacturing, and can provide convenient, timely, and effective basic medical emergency transport solutions for the people of the Dabie Mountains, with high quality products. Serve the people of Huanggang Old District.

The design and quality of the Dongfeng Yufeng ambulance is very suitable for the bad road traffic environment in the old revolutionary Dabie Mountains. At the beginning of research and development, it established the design concept of "humanized design and practical assembly", adopted the same FF pre-precursor chassis design as the sedan, the vehicle body is flexible and stable, and can provide a comfortable rescue environment for the patient; 3H galvanized steel plate, pyramid body bearing structure, standard ABS + EBD, to create a safe boat; equipped with the ZD30 high-power 100KW engine, matching South Korea's modern 6-speed gearbox, compared with the same level of fuel-efficient products about 8%, and controllability Good, high pass, very suitable for urban and rural roads, race for health care workers to fight against time; open the door design, the back door can be opened 180 degrees to facilitate medical staff quickly up and down, save time; 175CM car interior high, compared with similar models While ensuring the rational layout of special equipment, it has the largest internal space. In addition, Dongfeng Yufeng also specially set up a dedicated personal after-sales protection team to ensure that the ambulances serve the people of the old district in the best use condition.

It is understood that Dongfeng Yufeng has successfully delivered 147 ambulances to the Hubei Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission this year, and provided 12 ambulance-type ambulances to Wuhan Emergency Center. The person in charge of Dongfeng Yufeng said that Dongfeng Yufeng will provide cost-effective products and services to ensure the smooth implementation of the donation, and the concern of people at home and abroad and governments at all levels for the people's livelihood will be reflected in product performance and details, and will be Product research and development and product modification continue to exert force, with better products and better services, to fulfill the obligations of corporate citizens, and benefit the people in the old revolutionary areas.

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