Japan Develops Wireless Sensor Network System

Japan Develops Wireless Sensor Network System Recently, Japan has developed a new wireless sensor network system. The system includes vibration power generation equipment and wireless sensors, does not require batteries and wires, and can convert indoor walkers and ambient vibration generated by equipment and equipment into electricity.

At present, the company's technology research institute uses this system to carry out office space temperature and humidity adjustment experiments. This experiment used the micro-vibration of the air-conditioning duct to adjust the temperature and humidity of the office space, confirming the actual operation effect of the system. In the next step, Zhuzhong Public Works Store will negotiate with the equipment manufacturers on the business cooperation and commit themselves to commercial promotion of the technology and system.

This type of system does not require wiring or use of batteries, which has been an obstacle to the introduction and operation of a plurality of sensor network systems, and the system can be easily constructed. In addition, visualization of the environment can be achieved through system monitoring built by the system. For example, in a demonstration test of temperature and humidity monitoring in an office space, it can reflect the temperature and humidity data of each office's air conditioning operation. Each office can be connected to a building to be operated uniformly to ensure comfort and satisfaction. And can save energy.

At present, this technology has won the special encouragement prize for engineers from the Japan Engineering Institute Institute. It can not only be used in the field of civil construction, such as monitoring buildings and infrastructure, but also has the potential and versatility of application in the field of disaster prevention, theft prevention, transportation and distribution.


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