MacGregor wins contract for four 250-ton heavy electric cranes

MacGregor, a subsidiary of Kagtec, has received contracts for four 250-ton heavy-duty electric cranes for two 12,000 DWT multi-purpose vessels (MPV) from Denmark's Nordana Shipping. As part of the updated fleet plan, the historic Dandan Nordana Shipping Company has ordered four MacGregor heavy-duty variable-drive electric cranes to be delivered in 2014 and 2015.
Nordana Shipping is a professional company with the ability to transport a wide range of goods. Equipped with MacGregor's heavy-duty cranes will help handle larger and heavier cargo.
Nordana Shipping will benefit from the operational and environmental advantages of heavy-duty electric cranes. Most importantly, heavy-duty electric cranes can increase efficiency compared to electro-hydraulic cranes, allowing cargo to be hoisted more quickly and accurately, reducing the time the vessel stays in the port and reducing energy consumption by 30-35%.
Electric cranes do not require hydraulic oil, and the use of hydraulic oil has the potential to cause environmental pollution. Because electric cranes require fewer moving parts, maintenance and repair are more convenient. In addition, the life expectancy of the parts is longer than that of electro-hydraulic cranes.

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