The selection of SUV commercial vehicles need to pay attention

Although the SUV is a very versatile sports car , we must also pay attention to it when we purchase it. Xiao Bian today sums up some of his own little experiences.

1. Look at fuel consumption

I believe many people do not like to buy cars with high fuel consumption, no matter how local tyrants, when the vehicle is very consuming fuel, it can not stand the daily consumption. Therefore, before you buy a car, you must first consider the cost of keeping a car. However, everyone has different standards that they like, and many users like to buy SUVs with high displacement and power, but these vehicles generally have higher fuel consumption. If you want to use it in the city, you can actually choose a SUV that is less fuel-efficient.

2. Chassis selection

Although many people will first look at the appearance of the car, but for the consumables such as cars, it is more important to see its chassis. There are quite a few economical SUV chassis on the market that are not SUV-specific chassis, but instead are the same leaf spring structure as pickup trucks. They do not have sport off-road performance. The most obvious sign of the off-road SUV is its off-swing front axle is an off-road high-intensity large-arm swing structure independent suspension, disconnected four-link suspension rear axle, coil spring non-independent suspension. Of course, the use of a dedicated chassis price is naturally higher. This can be determined by the pros according to their economic strength.

3. Corporate choice

According to statistics, as of October 2009, there are many SUV manufacturers, but a small number of small factories have very small annual sales. With fierce market competition, such non-professional and small-scale enterprises may be eliminated. Although the propaganda is very strong, it cannot be guaranteed for a long time. In general, listed companies are relatively strong, standardized in production and operation, and guaranteed after-sales services. Here Xiaobian can recommend a manufacturer - Cheng Li Automobile Special Co., Ltd. This company is regarded as a relatively famous special-purpose vehicle manufacturer, as well as its own Cheng Liwei brand.

4 to see the price

Cost-effectiveness has always been one of the most important things when we buy things. In fact, we cannot say that high prices are high prices, and low prices are low prices. Let's buy a favorite SUV to fully measure the cost of the vehicle.

If you want to buy cost-effective SUV commercial vehicles can be on the Chinese car network, the site has a lot of styles of models, you can choose for car buyers! And there are perfect aftermarket models that will surprise you!

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