Common laboratory glitches

1. Open the cemented glass ground

When the grinded parts of the glassware are not opened due to sticking, the following methods can be used for processing.

(1) Tap with one of the ground-grinding parts with a wooden device to gently loosen it. For cemented reagent bottles, grinding plugs of separatory funnels, etc., the stopper and bottle mouth of the instrument can be clamped at the corners of the experimental table or wooden table, and then lighter in the direction of about 70° with the axis of the instrument. Tap lightly and rotate the instrument intermittently. This is repeated several times to open the grinding mouth that is not severely adhered.

(2) Heating some of the fixed grinding mouth, the inconvenience of knocking or knocking is ineffective, and the outer layer of the fixing part can be heated to make it expand by heat and detach from the inner layer. Such as the use of hot wet cloth on the cement "hot", using a hair dryer or roasting the mouth with a mobile flame, and so on.

(3) Infiltration Some abrasive grounds may be solidified due to the erosion of drugs, or expensive instruments that are complex in structure, and should not be struck and heated. They can be opened by soaking in water or dilute hydrochloric acid for several hours. Such as emergency equipment, can also be used in organic solvents with strong penetration (such as benzene, ethyl acetate, petroleum ether and sodium dioctyl sulfosuccinate, etc.) is added to the gap between the grinding mouth, so that it penetrates into the sticky The fixed parts are separated from each other.

2. Open tight screw cap

When the screw cap is not opened, the circumference of the cap can be baked with a hair dryer or a small flame to make it expand by heat, and then it can be used to wrap the cap and forcefully unscrew it.

If the bottle contains unfavorable heat or flammable substances, it is advisable to use a strong rope with one end on a fixed object (such as a door and window handle), and then wind the rope around the cap in a clockwise direction, and then pull it tightly. At the other end of the rope, holding the bottle in one hand and forcing forward, the cap can be opened.

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