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For many riders who are new to the car, while they are excited about the new car, they are more or less troubled with handling old cars: how to sell a good price? As the saying goes, the car uses three points for seven points, only regular Maintenance can always maintain a good condition, there will be more money when selling a car! Here we come to share some of the car!

8000-12000 km oil change

Engine oil is very important. The standard for changing the engine oil of a new car is between 8000-12000 kilometers. If you want to change your car in the near future, follow the maintenance manual strictly. We recommend that car owners smell the oil of their car at least once a month to see if there is a burnt smell, and we can also judge the viscosity of the oil. There are many reasons for the blackening of the engine oil. After adding a new engine oil, the sludge, carbon deposits, etc. on the previous machine components will be dispersed into the engine oil. It will take a long time for the engine oil to turn black.
In addition, for every level of oil quality increase, there is no problem if the oil change interval is extended by another 2,000 km. For example, the SM class can take a 12,000 km oil change interval, and today the highest SN oil, the oil change interval can even be achieved. 14,000 kilometers.
Tire positioning for three months

Inaccurate four-wheel alignment will cause the car to float, skid, inconsistent steering, and abnormal wear of the suspension system components, which will seriously affect the service life of the tires. It was reported that some time ago, the tires were ground into “headless tires”. Danger, if it is in a bad driving environment, it is recommended to change every quarter (Note: every three months for a quarter), which will maximize the life of the tire. In addition, the new car is not suitable for four-wheel alignment, because the chassis has a settlement process, the chassis's "run-in period" is about 2000 kilometers.
Clean spark plugs half a year

The function of the spark plug is to introduce the high voltage pulse generated by the ignition coil into the combustion chamber, and use the spark generated by the electrode to ignite the mixture to complete the combustion. When the car is driven to a certain mileage, the spark plug will produce carbon deposits to increase engine fuel consumption, and if the carbon is not clean for a long time, carbon deposition will build up. As a result, the electrodes may not even ignite due to electrical leakage. It is recommended to clean it once every six months and replace it every 30,000 kilometers. The general platinum spark plug can be used for durability of 50,000 kilometers.
6 months car care leather

Most cars in the current era are mainly leather seats, and seats are the most likely to be contaminated. It is recommended that car leather trims be cared for every six months. Do not use irritating cleaners. It will cause the cost of replacement if the leather is broken. There is also a steering wheel area where only a few moisturizers and sealing materials need to be added to extend its life. The main stain on the inner door panel is the shoe print, which is concentrated on the underside of the door panel. Use a professional foam cleaner to clean it, and then wipe it with a clean, soft cloth.

It is advisable to clean the white car once a week

The white family car has a large visual impact and is resistant to dirt. The replacement price of white cars will be higher when used cars are replaced, so they are deeply loved by consumers. Compared with other color paints, the coverage of white is relatively weak, and the requirements for the primer are higher. The spray thickness also has very strict standards, and it is most difficult to repair pearl white. It is advisable to wash the white car once a week in winter, especially after high-speed driving. Inadvertently tarmac tar particles will remain on the car body. It will be difficult to clean it after a long time.
Clean air filter every month

Under normal circumstances, the life of an original air conditioning filter is 30,000 kilometers or one year. If the air conditioning filter is often cleaned to extend the life of the air conditioning filter, it is recommended to clean it once a month, especially in the summer when air conditioners are frequently used. Use more than 20,000 kilometers, it is recommended to replace.
Keep history maintenance records

Some attentive car buyers will ask to see the maintenance record of the vehicle, maintain a complete and complete record of the vehicle, prove from the data indicators that the vehicle has a good recovery and maintenance during use, the performance is naturally guaranteed, and the reliability is also increased. high. Therefore, the car mainly creates a car maintenance record. If some maintenance receipts cannot be found, write it down. Quality warranty receipts are also very important. If you replace tires or batteries recently, presenting these quality guarantees to buyers will probably make it easy to complete the transaction.

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Vane Damper

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