How to modify the business car?

Many young partners always want to modify their favorite cars to attract passersby's eyeballs. How can a commercial vehicle be modified?

1 modified crash bar

This common reform can often be seen on the road, and they are modified by the use of anti-collision bars. The front anti-collision bar is used to protect the front engine compartment. In the event of an accidental collision, it has a certain protective effect on the front compartment. So some people give it a thickening to reduce the degree of damage when unfavorable factors occur. Then the thickening and widening of the bumper bar is equivalent.

2. Sound modification

The car DVDs are often seen at many intersections. This will attract many drivers who like to drive and listen to music. Therefore, many drivers will modify the sound. In fact, the car audio conversion name suggests that the car is an audio conversion upgrade, its purpose is to meet the needs of car owners friends of the car music; so that the car audio space to the best expression of the sound field to express the pursuit of music hobby!

3 modified with super running sound

I remember that once I was shopping, I heard a very large sports car sound. Xiao Bian was very sensitive to this sound, and now I know it was made by modifying the variable sound exhaust valve. The auto gas exhaust system was invented by a company in Zhejiang. This exhaust has no effect on the original vehicle.

4. Modified control chassis

When we buy the original car, it will feel that its control chassis suspension is generally soft, but also to take care of riding comfort. However, too soft suspension will cause the body to roll too much when the corners are severely bent, and the body will be unstable, which will directly weaken the vehicle's ability to attack the bend, and will seriously cause the vehicle to get out of control! Therefore, the suspension must be reinforced and the suspension must be strengthened.

5. Rear wing modification

Usually many commercial vehicles do not have tails, so some car owners will also modify the rear wing. The tail wing is part of the automotive aerodynamics package. The main purpose of the rear wing is to reduce the lift of the rear of the vehicle. If the lift of the rear end is greater than the lift of the front end, it will easily lead to over-steering of the vehicle, reduction of grip on the rear wheels and deterioration of high-speed stability.

In fact, the modification of a commercial vehicle must also be based on the content of the modified vehicle. Individual friends should not remember to modify their own car. This will not only affect the performance of the car, but also cause unnecessary losses. This article hopes to be useful to parents who like to remodel cars!

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