Electronic Rally Meter Signal Interference Solution

The electronic rally gauge is a common force measuring instrument in our daily life. At the same time, the electronic rally gauge is fast in measuring force, easy to install, saves space and other factors are favored by customers because it is wireless transmission, so its display instrument will appear Interference situation. Today we mainly talk about how to solve the problem of signal interference in electronic tension meters.

Solving the problem of electronic rally signal interference is mainly divided into two steps:

The first step to solve the signal interference of the electronic rally meter:
1) Wringing: For electromagnetic induction, try to keep away from strong electric equipment and power network as much as possible. It is necessary to adjust the wiring direction and reduce the wire loop area. Only adjust the wiring direction and the two signal lines are short. By twisting the pitch, the interference voltage can be reduced to 1/10~1/100 of the original; for static induction, when the two signal lines are twisted and twisted, the two signal lines are connected to the interference source. When the distances are approximately equal (usually twisting the wire to a pitch 20 times the diameter), the area surrounded by the signal loop can be greatly reduced, and the electric field can enter the series-mode interference potential of the loop through inductive coupling on the two signal lines. The difference is greatly reduced.
2) Shielding: In order to further prevent the electric field from being disturbed, shielded cables shall be directly connected with a layer of insulator or signal wire on the bread, and the shielding layer shall be grounded. Because the non-magnetic shielding layer has no effect on the magnetic field of 50 Hz, if necessary, the signal line can be threaded into the iron pipe to make the signal line magnetically shielded. After electrostatic shielding, the induced potential can be reduced to 1/100~1/1000.
3) Filtering: For the DC signal with very slow change speed, add the filter circuit to the instrument input end of the dual digital tension meter to minimize the interference mixed with the effective signal. It is common to add two to three RC filter circuits before the input stage, and to use a double T filter with a lower internal resistance.
4) Cancellation: Digital instruments such as double-integral type and pulse width-modulated type perform A/D conversion on the mean value of the input signal instead of the instantaneous value, and can average out some serial-mode interferences.
5) Try to separate the signal line from the power line. The current flow of the wire is treated in the opposite direction under permissible conditions to reduce the interference of the mutually generated magnetic fields; it is not allowed to lay the signal wire in parallel with the power line nor enter the instrument through the same threading hole. The low-level signal line should be connected to the adjacent position of the signal terminal with the shortest twisted wire as short as possible to reduce the area of ​​inductive interference, and the same cable should be absolutely prohibited for the power line and signal line. Do not use the same connector for high and low levels. When it is a last resort, separate the high and low lines next to the connector and ground and ground terminals.
6) If the detection indicates that the transmitter is normal, other components such as batteries and antennas can be checked to see if there are any problems. In general, poor battery contact, or bad antenna contact leads to signal instability. In addition, signals may be unstable if the distance is too far or the battery voltage is insufficient.

Two steps to solve the signal interference of electronic rally meter: maintenance and maintenance
1. Please check the bolts of each part periodically and wait for it to turn on without any looseness or fall off.
2. To confirm the safety of the subject structure, when weighing wants to change the direction or position of the load, please directly push the heavy object, do not directly push the body to rotate.
3. Do not exceed the measured load, and long-term pull measurement, resulting in fatigue of the sensor, reducing service life.
4. When other objects collide with or fall from high altitude, the instrument must be handled with care, and do not place it casually to prevent unnecessary losses. Vibration suppression measures should be taken when the instrument is fixed on the crane so as not to affect the reliability.
5. When measuring larger, heavier objects, the tension should be slowed as much as possible, supporting the object, allowing the object to slow down and then measuring; because the object is too heavy, in the movement Suddenly weighed, coupled with the decline in gravity, this time is far from the original weight of the object, and often used in excess, will lead to shorten the life of the sensor.
6. Do not dismantle the components on the instrument. Do not remove the components on the instrument. Do not open the seal on the sensor. Disassemble the integrated circuit components on the instrument. Maintenance must be performed under the guidance of the relevant technical personnel or after having a certain level of maintenance knowledge to prevent the failure from expanding.

The above article is to solve the electronic rally signal interference method, users who have feedback or questions are welcome to inquire us Shanghai Heng Heng Oh, we have professional technical staff to explain in detail for you.

Electronic Rally Meter Picture

Electronic Rally Meter Picture

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