Kaifeng High Valve 32′′ Large Diameter Valve Used

Henan Kaifeng High-Pressure Valve Co., Ltd. has a CF8 stainless steel valve with a net weight of 4 tons and a maximum diameter of 32′′ and its series products were manufactured in the near future. After passing the inspection, it has been delivered to the user Henan Longyu Coal Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. for use.

Petrochemical valves need to withstand high temperatures, high pressure, and the medium is highly corrosive, flammable and explosive, and the internal and external leakage indicators of the valve are demanding. In response to the significant increase in the demand for petrochemical valves in recent years, the company organized technical forces to increase the development of petroleum refining, petrochemical, biochemical, coal chemical, and oil and gas transmission valves, which were successively the Changchun Jinbaote Biological Chemical Project, Henan Longyu Coal Chemical Project, Henan Product Oil Pipeline Project, Shanxi Jinjie Shenmu Tianyuan Coal Chemical Project, and Xinjiang Dushanzi Petroleum Refinery Project have developed supporting valves. At present, the maximum diameter of the stainless steel valve of the company has reached 32′′, and the maximum pressure level of CF8C hydrogenation valve has reached 1500Lb and 2500Lb.

A fully re-equipped lab sieve at Chenwei Corporation contains a full range of screening  and fluid bed processing equipment that is readily reconfigured to simulate customer  installations for trials using supplied materials. All models of laboratory sieve are quick-clean  designs allowing easy access to interior components for rapid inspection, disassembly, screen changes and cleaning. Most notable is the lab's new, full scale, fluid bed processing  equipment for drying, cooling and moisturizing of bulk solid materials. The exclusive, circular vibratory design enables entire systems consisting of fluid bed processor, heater/cooler/moisturizer, blower and dust collector, to be self-contained on mobile frames with casters, offering  testing flexibility not practical with larger,  heavier, rectangular units of equivalent capacity.

There are two Test Sieve for lab,one is standard test sieve,the other is electromagnetic  vibration sieve.In comparison,the electromagnetic vibration sieve has mush higher accuracy  for particles size distribution test. Up to 600 mesh sieve can be used on it.


* Lab use for particle size analysis.

* High efficiency and high precision,

* Tight Structure and low noise

* Precise timer function

* Up to 600mesh can be test

Test Sieve

Test Sieve

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