Small changes in equipment, large-scale changes in energy efficiency - Changes in the replacement of gas valves in nitrogenous companies

Valve, this is a small part of the fertilizer company's compressor. However, this small component not only consumes the production cost of the company, but also blocks the way of saving energy and reducing consumption of some enterprises. It has become a big problem that many companies suffer.
The reporter learned that some nitrogen fertilizer companies using coal as raw materials learned that because the compressor gas contains dust, tar and other dirt, it can easily stick to the surface of the gas valve flow channel, resulting in accelerated wear of the valve, sealing is not strict, run gas , serious air leakage, valve life is greatly reduced, only one percent of the ideal working life. More importantly, after the air valve is blocked by dirt, it must be stopped to remove and clean it. Frequent shutdowns and start-ups not only bring about the loss of raw material gas and the reduction of output, but also greatly increase power consumption. According to the nitrogen fertilizer companies, the loss of one compressor with a gas capacity of 57 cubic meters per minute has reached 2,400 yuan to 2,500 yuan. This is not yet an indirect loss of machine losses. Because of the problem of air valves, companies often need to shut down and wash once every ten days and a half. Their losses are a big expense for nitrogen fertilizer companies, especially small and medium-sized enterprises.
In Hubei Yihua Group Co., Ltd. and other companies, this issue has been better resolved. After a large number of attempts, they chose an anti-fouling gas valve manufactured by Wenzhou Blaine Compressor Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which has independent intellectual property rights and can work normally under complex gas conditions containing dust, tar, activated carbon and other pollutants. The valve plate of this gas valve is made of special engineering plastics, and an anti-fouling layer is sprayed on the surface of the valve body, so the dirt in the air is not easy to adhere to the valve body. In the process of use, the wear of the valve is greatly reduced. At the same time, the problems of run-flat and air leakage are also solved. The energy consumption in the production process is greatly reduced, and the energy consumption is generally saved by 3% to 8%. At the same time, the service life of the valve can be increased to more than 5 times that of the traditional valve products. In the course of use, it is not necessary to remove and clean, and the loss caused by frequent stop and start is avoided. The company stated that the use of this valve not only reduces the production cost, but also facilitates maintenance during use.
The person in charge of Henan Lyuyu Chemical Co., Ltd. stated that before, the company needed to stop and disassemble the air valve every ten days and a half months, and it took three to four days to clean the company's 11 compressors of all sizes. It not only consumes a lot of manpower and material resources, but also frequently stops and affects production. In September 2006, the company decided to try this kind of anti-fouling valve produced by Wenzhou Bryan Compressor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. on two compressors. The effect is very obvious since use: Since the new valve is installed, the compressor has been operating normally. After 3 months, the company did not feel relieved to dismantle the machine and found that it was not only leak-free, but also that the surface was clean and free of dirt. The two compressors still have no problems so far. The relevant person in charge of the company said that if the previous valve was used, at least 20 shutdowns would be needed from September last year to the present, which cost more than 100,000 yuan. If all of the company's compressors are switched to new products, the cost savings will not be a small number.
Wuhan Wuhan Fuyuan Chemical Co., Ltd., which also updated the gas valve, also stated that the previous gas valve not only had to be cleaned once every half a month, but also had a very short service life. It was necessary to replace it after using it for one month. The life of the anti-fouling valve has been greatly improved, saving costs and creating benefits for the company. The person in charge of Hubei Yihua Group Co., Ltd. said that the service life of the previous valve has never exceeded six months, and this new type of anti-fouling valve has been used for 16 months since March 14, 2006. At the time, there have been no problems.
This type of valve is also used in "foreign machines." Fuzhou Yaolong Chemical Group's nitrogen fertilizer plant uses compressors imported from the United States. The use of original gas valves is also not very effective. When the valve of Wenzhou Blaine Compressor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. appeared in their view, they did not care, and they did not believe that the performance of the domestically produced valve would be better than that of the United States. However, seeing examples of the successful application of domestic companies, they decided to try it on a large compressor. Not long ago, the director of the plant was pleased to say that since the use of the anti-fouling valve in April 2006, the compressor has been operating in a good condition and has a long service life. Until now, there have been no downtime replacements. Over the past year or so, this compressor has saved more than 100,000 yuan for the company, so they also intend to use this product in other compressors.
Nitrogen fertilizer companies say that there are relatively few products on the market that can save energy and reduce costs for enterprises in a simple way. It is hoped that more companies will develop more products that meet the requirements of enterprises and compete through market competition. Test to further optimize product performance and reduce product prices.
It is understood that the antifouling gas valve produced by Bryan, which brings about changes in the gas valve of the nitrogenous fertilizer company, has just obtained a national patent. The company stated that they are visiting customers and are ready to further improve the products according to the individual requirements of the customers.

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