Cursor9 Helps Red Rock Win International Truck Fuel Economy Championship

In the second China International Truck Fuel Contest that has attracted much attention in the industry, it has been equipped with a SAIC Motor Fiat Powertrain Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “SFH”) Cursor 9 (ie C87, 380HP@2100rpm) engine. SAIC Iveco Hongyanjie Lion heavy truck won the championship of 6*4 tractor-powered 380 (including) horsepower under the excellent fuel economy and overall power performance.

The China International Truck Fuel Contest has been successfully held for the second time. This competition has set up test targets that are closer to the user's actual use for different types of vehicles. While focusing on the level of fuel consumption, it focuses on the sportiness of the vehicle itself. This comprehensive evaluation satisfies the user's need for vehicles that are both heavily loaded and fuel-efficient. All participating vehicles were rigorously tested by the staff of the Ministry of Transport's Auto Trailer Quality Supervision, Inspection and Testing Center in accordance with the “Limits and Measurement Methods for Fuel Consumption of Trucks Operated” (JT 719-2008). The results of the competition were all based on the test results. After the contest of the China International Truck Fuel Contest, a group of excellent products proudly debuted. Experts of the jury said that this competition brought together products from many domestic heavy truck companies, and the Fuel Economy Champion Award was awarded to the most fuel-efficient model in each group. In this test, New Hongyan Jieshi left a deep impression on the experts. It kept the fuel consumption at a very low level on the basis of maintaining a strong driving force, and had a maximum power of 380HP and a maximum torque of 1500Nm. Jieshi's fuel consumption per ton of kilometers is only 1.0097 liters (the evaluation criteria of the Jury Committee: fuel consumption per ton 100 km = comprehensive fuel consumption per 100 km/day). Jieshi tractors won the championship with excellent performance, once again proved the strong advantages of this product, no doubt to become a leader in heavy trucks that combines comfort, economy, safety and environmental protection.

SAIC Iveco Hongyanjie Lion Heavy Truck

The new Hongyan Lion can be honored with the Cursor9 engine produced by SFH Shang Fei Hong. The performance of the engine is of great importance to the vehicle's power performance and fuel consumption. Having a high-quality “core” with power, but energy saving and environmental protection, creates a higher added value for customers, allowing them to have a stronger market competitiveness in the commercial freight industry with better use and maintenance costs. In this regard, the lion lion that combines Chinese and Italian wisdom has unique advantages. Its Cursor 9 engine incorporates the best European diesel engine technology and leads the industry in terms of power, economy, environmental friendliness, and reliability. The fuel supply system uses FPT Fiat Power Technology's world-leading common-rail system. Controlled fuel injection technology to make the combustion more fully; its fuel consumption is 5%-10% lower than that of competitors' similar engines; its exhaust gas treatment adopts selective catalytic reduction of tail gas treatment technology, and it has excellent environmental protection performance and can reduce nitrogen oxides by more than 80%. Emissions, fully meet the national III emission standards, and can be easily upgraded to the Euro V standard; its maintenance parts are small, maintenance costs are low, and the oil replacement interval exceeds 100,000 kilometers; the Cursor 9 is reduced by optimizing the fuel injection system and the air intake system. Engine combustion noise 3-4 decibels. The Cursor 9 series diesel engine that brought these advantages together has immediately become a bright spot in the industry. Thanks to the leading technological superiority and outstanding performance of the Cursor 9 engine, the SAIC Iveco Hongyan "Jieshi" heavy truck equipped with this engine was recently authorized by the 2010 World Expo Bureau as the designated heavy truck for the Shanghai World Expo. This is also the first time that the domestic heavy truck has become a global exhibition. Event designated products.

The Cursor 9 engine is the first heavyweight product produced by SFH Philippine Red since the completion of its production base in May this year. Subsequently, SFH Philippine Red made persistent efforts to launch a series of rich product lines, including star products such as NEF4, NEF6, F1C, covering displacement from 3.0L to 8.7L, maximum power from 70KW to 295KW, maximum torque from 300Nm to 1600Nm The various series can meet the extensive power needs of heavy, medium and light commercial vehicles and engineering fields. Such a strong product line stems from the research and development strength and technical support of FPT Fiat Power's world-renowned powertrain. With the joint efforts of both China and Italy, a series of Chinese “cores” that conceive Chinese wisdom are the same as Cursor 9, and they are equipped with FPT Fiat Power Technologies’ world-leading technology, with strong power and excellent fuel economy, and are also at the same level. The “Oil Saver” in the product provides the market with top-notch diesel engine series products and “green” power solutions, bringing together the “core” value of condensing Italian wisdom.

Currently, in China, commercial vehicle companies are focusing on the development of energy-saving and emission-reducing high-performance products under the guidance of user demand and policy guidance, which drives the healthy and sustainable economic development. SFH, the “Green” leader in the powertrain industry, will take root in China’s domestic market, and will introduce the world’s leading technologies and successful application experience to China, providing green energy-saving and environmentally friendly powertrains for commercial vehicles in China. The solution is to enhance the core competitiveness of the entire industry and promote green and win-win development.

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