Hitachi launches new generation energy saving and environmental protection elevator

Recently, Hitachi Elevator (China) Co., Ltd. launched a new generation of energy-saving and environmentally friendly products - Hitachi HEP Advanced Passenger Elevator at the Hitachi Elevator Strategic Upgrade Conference with the theme of "China's Height". It is reported that Hitachi HEP passenger elevators are equipped with many leading technologies in the elevator industry today. They have three characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, expansion space and humanized design. They can fully meet the needs of the high-end passenger elevator market, and can be used for modern building traffic. A new solution is provided to give passengers a new ride experience.

The Hitachi HEP passenger elevator door system adopts permanent magnet synchronous frequency conversion system and disc double brake design. The brake disc and the traction sheave are integrally cast, which has fast response speed, high speed regulation precision, wide range, low speed characteristics and low energy consumption. The advantage is that the operation is safer and more comfortable. Ren Tianxiao, chairman of the China Elevator Industry Association, said that the widespread adoption of the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection and green elevators will inevitably make Hitachi Elevator an excellent example of the harmonious integration of social sustainable development and energy conservation and environmental protection under the new situation.

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